ORA-00059: maximum number of DB_FILES exceeded

Was in the process of creating new tablespaces and adding multiple datafiles when all of a sudden I got a nice ORA-00059 error message. Upon investigation I found the following: SQL> show parameter db_files NAME     TYPE     VALUE ——–     ——      ——– db_files     integer     200 SQL> select count(*) from v$datafile; COUNT (*) ————- 200 To resolve this and […]

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Before I started some job searching….around 10 months ago I compiled a list of interview questions for preparation.  Yes I am a seasoned DBA, but not having gone through an interview in 5 years I decided I needed a refresher.  Some questions I came up with, others I found on Google.  I can honestly say […]

SEV 1 SR – 8 Node Exadata Database Hang

We’ve had an issue for the past ohh  6 hours with a production Exadata cluster.  It started out with random instances of  our database coming down and then starting backup. Some of the initial errors were: ORA-600 internal errorCF EnqueueParallel Query Interrupt So our database is  The exact Parallel Query Interrupt error we received […]

Oracle Database – Enterprise or Standard Edition

Here are some questions to ask yourself, your team or your company: How large is your company?What is the budget?How many databases on the server?How many cpus/cores on the server?DEV, TEST, QA or PROD?Does your company allow 3rd party applications to monitor your database? These are questions that need to be asked.  Oracle Enterprise Edition […]

Oracle Exadata Database Machine – Part 1 high level general administration

Exadata – General Administration For general administration of Exadata you must be proficient with Oracle RAC and its general concepts. Since Exadata X2 series Hardware utilizes 11gR2 ( I also recommend to read up on RAC. You can click here to access the 11gR2 documentation http://www.oracle.com/pls/db112/portal.portal_db?selected=16&frame=#oracle_real_application_clusters In this blog post I’ll be showing some basic […]

ORA-15025: could not open disk ORA-27041: Unable to open file

Errors in the alert_log indicated the following: Errors in file /u02/app/oracle/product/reldb/diag/rdbms/relp/relp1/trace/relp1_ora_27407.trc: ORA-15025: could not open disk “/dev/oracleasm/disks/DATA_B2” ORA-27041: unable to open file Linux-x86_64 Error: 13: Permission denied Additional information: 3 WARNING: failed to read mirror side 1 of virtual extent 0 logical extent 0 of file 260 in group [1.764933283] from disk DATA_0001  allocation unit […]

Oracle VM Linux P2V

Today was my first attempt at using Oracle VM’s Linux P2V. The document for this can be found here http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E11081_01/doc/doc.21/e10898/ptov.htm I do have one issue with Linux P2V. It is very time consuming. Not only was I in the process of testing this, but needed to build two virtual machines to setup a RAC environment. […]