Cary Millsap speaking about skew and why you should bother

Today May 15th, 2012 we have Cary presenting on two topics here at the NEOOUG 2 Day Oracle Seminar Why you should bother In our increasingly virtualized environments, it’s ever more difficult to diagnose application defects —especially performance defects that affect response time or throughput expectations. Runtime diagnosis of defects can be an unbearably complicated […]

Oracle Extreme Performance Tour – Exadata and Exalytics

Yesterday I attended the Oracle Extreme Performance Tour. I have spoken with a couple of local Oracle Reps who are allowing me to use PDF versions of their presentations. I found the topics regarding Exadata and Exalytics to be very useful. The first viewable/downloadable PDF is entitled “Evolving Towards Enterprise Big Data Warehouse”. For more […]

Attending the Oracle Extreme Performance Tour

Currently at the Embasssy Suites Cleveland Banquet room attending the Oracle Extreme Performance Tour Seminar. I should have posted about this sooner for people who are within driving distance. Here are some details from the link above: ****** Below is copyright 2012 per Oracle Corporation ****** A unique opportunity to discover the future of […]

Disabling NUMA parameter

Reasons to disable NUMA 1) To prevent NUMA from using high percentage of cpu 2) To imrove filesystem utility performance on linux subsystem How to disable the NUMA parameter 1. Issue the following commands in sqlplus to disable NUMA: alter system set “_enable_NUMA_optimization”=FALSE scope=spfile; alter system set “_db_block_numa”=1 scope=spfile; 2. grep -i numa $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/spfilerelp.ora and […]

UNIX vs Linux

There are pros and cons for both UNIX and Linux. To start simple UNIX is proprietary while Linux is Open Source Code. For many years UNIX was the standard for database servers while sharing some market with AIX and Windows. In recent years there has been a major trend of database servers moving to Linux […]