ORA-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection

Ever experience “TNS:listener could not hand off client connection”? I have, just recently when creating a vm with multiple databases and setting up OEM 12c. [email protected]:> sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Sun Aug 26 09:21:56 2012 Copyright (c) 1982, 2010, Oracle. All rights reserved. ERROR: ORA-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client […]

Change compatibility Exadata – SIMPLE

Here is the quick, simple fool proof method to changing the compatibility parameter in the Oracle database in the Exadata configuration.  As is with most changes that can have a heavy impact on the database and its data, it is recommended to take a full backup before performing such changes. Following the below steps will […]

New in Oracle 12 Database

At the NEOOUG seminar and finding out new option for Oracle 12. We know that Oracle is heading in the direction of the cloud.  So what seems like the direction of the database…….none other than container based databases. Sounds like similar technology like Oracle VM may be used.  With the aquisition of Sun, Oracle could […]

Hugepages on Exadata? Yes and No… part3

Finally after over 6 weeks got a response back regarding hugepages on Exadata. Yes, hugepages is supported on Exadata platforms, with no changes from a standard linux platform. ie.. while it’s supported, there is nothing specific to exadata in it’s setup. There it has been stated by MOS that it will be supported. I really […]

resync catalog from db_unique_name all — fails ***UPDATE

Previously I talked about ‘RESYNC CATALOG FROM DB_UNIQUE_NAME ALL;’ (LINK) and the issues we have faced.  As promised here is some followup. Oracle had asked us to perform a few steps. The first was to test 2 new net service names in the tnsnames.ora file on both the primary and the standby database.  Here is […]

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Before I started some job searching….around 10 months ago I compiled a list of interview questions for preparation.  Yes I am a seasoned DBA, but not having gone through an interview in 5 years I decided I needed a refresher.  Some questions I came up with, others I found on Google.  I can honestly say […]

resync catalog from db_unique_name all — fails

We perform daily backups and specify the statement: RESYNC CATALOG FROM DB_UNIQUE_NAME ALL; To further define the statement you can reference the Oracle 11.2 documentation HERE (section  Here is an exert from the documentation: Resynchronizes the information from all other database sites (primary and other standby databases) in the Data Guard setup that are […]

Creating multple database users with bash script (read from file)

I was just asked to create a large number of users in a database.  All of them with same default password and basic connect privileges. Rather than doing this hundreds of times I wrote a simple bash script to do it all for me. Here is the code:********************************************************* #!/bin/bash/ ######################################### Created by Michael Wilson# Created […]

SEV 1 SR – 8 Node Exadata Database Hang

We’ve had an issue for the past ohh  6 hours with a production Exadata cluster.  It started out with random instances of  our database coming down and then starting backup. Some of the initial errors were: ORA-600 internal errorCF EnqueueParallel Query Interrupt So our database is  The exact Parallel Query Interrupt error we received […]

Resetting the database incarnation using RMAN

Why would you need to reset the database incarnation?  There are only 2 scenarios.   You are attempting a restore or recover of the database to an SCN to a point in time before the resetlogs command was issued. You are trying to rewind the database to a point in time using flashback database to a […]