Linux Oracle Database Connection Test Script

Database connection testing scripts are out there, but not all of them provide a one stop way to test more than 1 node of the RAC at the same time.  Sure you can do simple tests using “tnsping”, “nc -z” or even “telnet” to confirm the listener is up.  Actually testing a login is a […]

Quick Server Health Check On Login Using Bash Profile

I strive in being a proactive sysadmin/dba/app admin so I use a few methods to provide me critical data. For this post I’m going to cover the use of the .bash_profile and show how we can combine some commands to provide visual output so we can assess the server health each time you login. I […]

Linux Bash Script That Continues After Server Reboot

Today I would like to show you something that others have asked me alot about recently and that is the ability to run either or series of bash scripts or one bash script with multiple functions after a system has been rebooted. You might be wondering “Why would I want to do this?” A great […]

Setup SSH key using RSA and configure passwordless SSH

The SSH protocol provides security between 2 systems. Use of the SSH protocol handles different methods of authentication. In todays example we will cover the SSH public key based authentication. This method will allow SSH access via a public key without a password(passwordless ssh). This can be further secured with a passphrase, however it is […]

phpMyAdmin not working forbidden 403

I’m pretty sure that most people out there running phpMyAdmin may have at one time or another encountered the “forbidden 403” error message. You may have spent countless hours/days seeking resolution. I’m going to show you what I encountered because well it was a long night….For those of you with kids (multiple) I sure hope […]

Restore linux filesystem with TAR

This is a followup post from “Backup linux filesystem with TAR“.  Using the example in that post, we will restore the data. You will want to restore from a LIVE CD.  I recommend using the LIVE CD of whatever version of linux you have installed.  If the distro does not have a LIVE CD you […]

Backup linux filesystem with TAR

For those of us who do not have enterprise backup solutions or are just looking for a way to backup directories or whole filesystems, here are a few examples that may help you.  In this example we will be backing up the / root file system. First lets get to the base directory cd / […]

Resize Exadata /u01 Filesystem

For those of you whom have never performed this type of activity, please reference the Oracle Support document 1357457.1. 1) Grab the current sizing of /u01 filesystem [[email protected] ~]# df -h |grep -i u01 Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VGExaDb-LVDbOra1 99G 16G 78G 17% /u01 2) Stop your oracle databases, oracle crs, monitoring […]