Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Before I started some job searching….around 10 months ago I compiled a list of interview questions for preparation.  Yes I am a seasoned DBA, but not having gone through an interview in 5 years I decided I needed a refresher.  Some questions I came up with, others I found on Google.  I can honestly say […]

Common commands for the Oracle Applications DBA – PART 2

Common commands for the Oracle Applications DBA Part 2 # Shows present working directory pwd # Shows used/available/name of mount points in human readable format df -h # Shows folder size of current folder/subfolders du -sh # Oracle eBiz Applications script to start/stop report server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ {start/stop} apps/appspswd # Oracle eBiz Applications script to start/stop […]

Common commands for the Oracle Applications DBA – PART 1

These are common commands for the oracle applications dba.  Random order, but brief description above each. # Stop all services on an application or concurrent manager server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ apps/ # Start all services on an application or concurrent manager server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ apps/ # Stop Apache on the application server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ stop # Start Apache on […]

Querying indexes on table and build script

Often times we are asked to rebuild indexes on tables, but are unaware of what all indexes are on the table. We can query dba_ind_columns to get indexes  on the columns or for general indexes against the table we can query dba_indexes. A general query would look like this: select owner,table_name,index_name from dba_indexes where table […]

How to view database parameters

I have started a youtube channel which I will slowly be adding new video content too. You can click on the video below.  Here is the text that you can use as well. sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’show parameter processes; exit; sqlplus apps/$MYPASS desc v$parameter col name format a20 col value format a30 select name, value from […]

Creating ‘LIKE’ users in the Oracle Database

This post I’m providing allows you to create a new database user modeled after an existing database user. We recently hired numerous dbas and wanted to provide the same access as existing dbas here. Using this script is permitted. As with any script on my blog or others please take caution. This has been verified […]

Tracing concurrent request and creating TKPROF

I) Generate Trace File 1) Enable Tracing for the Concurrent Program a) select the ‘Enable Trace’ Checkbox 2) Turn on Tracing a) Login as a user with ‘system administrator’ responsibility b) Navigate: Profiles > System c) Query Profile Option ‘Concurrent: Allow Debuggin’ d) Set profile to ‘YES’ 3) Run Concurrent Program with Tracing Turnv On […]

Increasing speed of applying patches (eBusiness)

We recently went through our quarterly Oracle outage and had more than 30+ patches to install on 8 nodes. There are only 2 shared APPL_TOPS and 2 in the DMZ. This makes us have to install each patch 4 times. This process took 8+ hours to complete. We even had 15 rolled into a merge […]

Loss of Oracle Responsibilities – Part 2 Responsibility Trust Level

Oracle applications has many security features build in. Allowing responsibilities to be accessed internally and externally is just 1 example. At INSTABC there are many custom responsibilities that users and suppliers access. A particular responsibility called ‘IBU Normal User’ allows customers and employees to see Product information. During a recent deployment to only internal […]