RMAN-20001: target database not found in recovery catalog

Trying to register my Oracle database and receiving error message rman-06004 and rman-20001 Here is my error: $–> rman Recovery Manager: Release – Production on Tue Nov 13 10:13:14 2012 Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. RMAN–> connect rcvcat catusr/——@orclcat connected to recovery catalog database RMAN–> connect target dbusr/——[email protected] […]

Delete archivelog all

I am working with a new client and disk space is somewhat lacking.  Performing some large imports wreaks havoc on their filesystem.  So it is a small data warehouse which we have chosen to keep in archivelog mode so we can perform hotbackups.  But because of the fast generation of archivelogs, running out of diskspace […]

resync catalog from db_unique_name all — fails ***UPDATE

Previously I talked about ‘RESYNC CATALOG FROM DB_UNIQUE_NAME ALL;’ (LINK) and the issues we have faced.  As promised here is some followup. Oracle had asked us to perform a few steps. The first was to test 2 new net service names in the tnsnames.ora file on both the primary and the standby database.  Here is […]

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Before I started some job searching….around 10 months ago I compiled a list of interview questions for preparation.  Yes I am a seasoned DBA, but not having gone through an interview in 5 years I decided I needed a refresher.  Some questions I came up with, others I found on Google.  I can honestly say […]

Resetting the database incarnation using RMAN

Why would you need to reset the database incarnation?  There are only 2 scenarios.   You are attempting a restore or recover of the database to an SCN to a point in time before the resetlogs command was issued. You are trying to rewind the database to a point in time using flashback database to a […]

Continuous Physical Data Block Corruption Issues – post 3

We have officially resolved our physical data block corruption.  The final action plan provided by My Oracle Support came 8 days after SR creation, several escalations and manager phone calls as well as being assigned to an “expert” data corruption specialist. The solution = copy datafile that contains the corrupt blocks from the physical standby […]

Recovering from Physical Database Block Corruption

We were performing an incremental backup of our production database when  it failed due to physical block corruption.  This is an 8 node exadata system with an 8 node physical standby and dataguard.  To correct the database physical block corruption we performed the following steps.  Hope this is helpful for others who have experience this […]

ORA-00279: Change generated needs recovery

Bring a datafile back online fails due to recovery issues on the datafile Error may look like: Place datafile +DATA/instabc123 online failed with the following error: ORA-01113: file 431 needs media recovery ORA-01110: data file 431: ‘+DATA/instabc123’ . Follow the simple steps and example to recover said datafile and to bring the datafile back online. […]

Missing Datafile Physical Standby 11gR2 – Restore and Sync with Primary

1) Identify datafile to remove from the standby a)  connect to sqlplus and query for datafile SQL> select file#,name,online_time from v$datafile where file#=’72’; FILE#    NAME ——-    —— 72        +DATA/inst_ps/datafile/sif_data.1592.126384956 2) Stop the standby database and check the status a)  stop database srvctl stop database -d inst b)  get status of the database srvctl status […]

Restore Physical Standby Database 11gR2 and Sync with Primary

In the previous post HERE we created the physical standby controlfile from the primary database and copied over to the standby.  We then used RMAN to restore it to the physical standby.  Now that we have done some prepwork we can restore the physical standby database.  I recently went through this using the “TAG” we […]