Setting up EMCLI for EM12C

The EMCLI tool provides the administrator a wide variety of commands and ways to manage the OMS, AGENTS and more.  Below are the steps to implement EMCLI.  Follow the BOLD statements with of course minor adjustments such as hostname/port…etc for your own environment. [[email protected] scripts]$ wget https://mwlab01-em12c:7802/em/public_lib_download/emcli/kit/emclikit.jar –no-check-certificate –2014-09-15 13:24:31–  https://mwlab01-em12c:7802/em/public_lib_download/emcli/kit/emclikit.jar Resolving mwlab01-em12c… Connecting […]

Creating your own User Defined Metric in OEM

I have been asked the question about how to create your own metric in OEM.  Here is a step by step on how to accomplish this goal. *** Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them for easier viewing.  If you want, you can also click here for a PDF version of the images. […]

Creating AWR report without OEM

If you do not have Oracle Enterprise Manager tool installed then you can create the AWR reports manually using the following commands (scripts are in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin: 1. Extract the AWR Data Connect to your database as sysdba.  This script will create a dump file that you will load in step 2.  During this extract process you […]