Logical vs Physical Standby

So, what’s the difference between a logical and a physical standby database? First, lets get to know what each standby database type is. Physical standby –  Database structure is the same as the source database. –  Archived logs are shipped to the standby from the source. –  Archived log are applied to the physical standby. […]

Continuous Physical Data Block Corruption Issues

Wanted to update the world on what’s going on with my current work related issues. Of course names and other propriety details will be withheld, but here we go.*** Oh and in case you are wondering, this is a complex system setup. Exadata at that. 8 node primary with a Data Guard and Physical Standby […]

Determining throughput for your Data Guard network

At one time or another us DBA’s will be tasked with determining the size of your logs for Data Guard.  Determining the size of the logs will provide a fairly accurate estimate.  You can provide the estimate to your network or data team so they can properly size the network pipe to your other facility.  […]

Oracle Database – Enterprise or Standard Edition

Here are some questions to ask yourself, your team or your company: How large is your company?What is the budget?How many databases on the server?How many cpus/cores on the server?DEV, TEST, QA or PROD?Does your company allow 3rd party applications to monitor your database? These are questions that need to be asked.  Oracle Enterprise Edition […]