Common commands for the Oracle Applications DBA – PART 1

These are common commands for the oracle applications dba.  Random order, but brief description above each. # Stop all services on an application or concurrent manager server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ apps/ # Start all services on an application or concurrent manager server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ apps/ # Stop Apache on the application server $APPLCSF/scripts/$CONTEXT_NAME/ stop # Start Apache on […]

Increasing speed of applying patches (eBusiness)

We recently went through our quarterly Oracle outage and had more than 30+ patches to install on 8 nodes. There are only 2 shared APPL_TOPS and 2 in the DMZ. This makes us have to install each patch 4 times. This process took 8+ hours to complete. We even had 15 rolled into a merge […]

Loss of Oracle Responsibilities – Part 1 VPN & iExpense

Quick background about this post: Oracle eBusiness Suite Oracle Database Cisco AnyConnect VPN Microsoft AD/DNS My company INSTABC uses eBusiness Suite for it’s application front end. We will call it ‘RELP’ for use in this post. Access is granted using the application itself. We do not do LDAP, Single Sign on or OID […]

Oracle Applications – set trace for an individual user

1. Navigate to – Profile – System 2. On the “Find System Profile Values” form, make sure the checkboxes for “User” and “Profiles with no Values” are checked 3. Beside the “User” checkbox, use the LOV to select the user who’s activity you need to trace 4. In the “Profile” field, enter the following profile […]

Proxy Configuration in

Here is an example of a proxy configuration in the file: wrapper.bin.parameters=-DOXTAOutUseProxy=true wrapper.bin.parameters=-DOXTAOutProxyPort=8080 One important thing to remember is that when testing your instance and application servers there are other factors you need to keep in mind. 1) if you have an internal proxy server make sure your instance identifier or FQDN is […]