How to add the Windows 10 ADMX Group Policy Templates

Before you get started you may want to download the ADMX templates discussed here so you can follow along.  Click HERE to be directed to the Microsoft website.  I suggest that you not only download the ADMX files Microsoft Administrative Templates for Windows 10 but also the associated guide from Microsoft.

Once you have downloaded the files you will need to place them where it is accessible by the domain controller.  Whether this be a network share or internal ftp page, its your choice.  Another option is to use the domain controller directly.  Unless your network is firewalled and secure I don’t recommend exposing your DCs to the internet.  When ready you can double click the MSI or right click and “Run as Administrator”.

Open the MSI installer to start, select next


Select agree and next


The default path is local, to change the path from default select browse


If you have a Central Store for ADMX files, the location should be the same or similar to the path below, just replace with your domain name (


Select the path to install the ADMX files


Select next


Installation completes


Really simple and straightforward.  If you have any questions please leave a note.

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