Welcome to MichaelWilsonDBA.info!

Welcome to my site. You'll find that MichaelWilsonDBA.info is much more than a database blog. I am trying to shape it into an IT resource site for all of those sys admins who wear multiple hats. These days you are no longer just a DBA or just a linux administrator. You may also be considered a tier 1 or tier 2 windows administrator, a storage administrator...........maybe even an application admin.

Feel free to browse around and view my articles. I will be adding additional scripts for many areas of the IT realm. You'll also notice that I have begun to offer my services. For a full detailed list of my background you may contact me using the contact us page or click on the linkedin button at the bottom of the page.

My favorite areas of IT support deal with Oracle products.

If you have any questions, have a topic you'd like me to write a post for or provide you with content please let me know. For now I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting!


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